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January 2015
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January 24th, 2015 Weather Watcher Report

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Arroyo Grande 47-84
Bradley 32-69
Cambria 50-78
Corbett Canyon 50-81
Creston 39-72
Cuyama 37-71
Goleta 40-77
Hearst Castle 51-76
Lompoc 37-79
Morro Bay 57-78
Nipomo 47-79
Orcutt 36-80
Paso Robles 32-69
Pismo Beach 46-76
Port San Luis 54-75
San Luis Obispo 39-80
Santa Barbara 48-81
Santa Maria 39-82
Santa Ynez 34-77
Shandon 29-74
Shell Beach 46-76
Solvang 33-80
Templeton 31-69
Vandenberg AFB 47-77

Well above normal temps to close the weekend for the Central Coast

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

High pressure will bring clear skies and well above normal temperatures through the weekend. We will start our mornings with some pretty chilly temperatures, some areas below freezing. Winds will be strong and gusty for some parts of the region through the weekend as well. Starting on Monday, the high pressure system will move East and a storm system building near Baja is forecast to move up the California Coast. This system will bring with it a chance for some scattered rain showers as early as Monday afternoon for the South Coast. The system travels farther north for a chance of more widespread rain across San Luis Obispo County early Tuesday morning. It doesn’t look like it’s packing to much of a punch with precipitation as models are showing under a tenth of an inch total for all areas. But it will bring mostly cloudy skies, and cooler temperatures through the week.

Jan. 23rd, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 40/76
Atascadero 32/67
Cambria 53/76
Corbett Canyon 46/78
Cuyama 36/68
Goleta 40/70
Hearst Castle 51/71
Lompoc 36/73
Los Osos 41/75
Morro Bay 47/74
Nipomo 36/75
Orcutt 40/76
Paso Robles 31/67
Pismo Beach 42/71
Pozo 28/58
San Luis Obispo 36/76
San Miguel 30/67
Santa Barbara 46/75
Santa Maria 38/76
Santa Ynez 34/72
Shandon 30/71
Shell Beach 42/71
Solvang 32/74
Templeton 69/35
Vandenberg AFB 45/70

Summer-like temps in January

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

The weather outlook has not changed the last few days, still expecting widespread warm temps over the weekend in the upper 70s and some 80s with offshore winds peaking.

Offshore morning winds will be locally gusty past 25mph, however in general the consistency is more important than the strength in producing the heat. The warmest spots will be the coastal valleys but the beaches will also benefit. Interior valleys will see a high in the 70s despite cold overnight lows in the 30s.

Early next week a mid-level area of low pressure will drift north from the Baja and bring with it mild air with moisture, and a rain chance on Tuesday. The problem is that rain looks to be on the lighter side; under .50” and some models show little rain at all. There are other rain opportunities later next week as well, but they also come with the same questions. Suffice to say, no drought busting heavy rains in the forecast yet.

Jan 22nd, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 44/71
Atascadero 35/63
CA Valley 32/67
Cambria 50/67
Corbett Canyon 46/72
Cuyama 37/66
Goleta 41/72
Hearst Castle 51/65
Lompoc 37/68
Los Osos 40/65
Morro Bay 47/63
Paso Robles 32/61
Pismo Beach 44/63
Pozo 35/69
San Luis Obispo 37/72
San Miguel 33/59
Santa Barbara 48/76
Santa Maria 42/72
Santa Ynez 37/66
Shell Beach 44/63
Solvang 36/70
Templeton 32/62
Vandenberg AFB 44/67

Warming up before rain returns next week

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Some clouds set back temps on Thursday but high pressure will produce gusty offshore winds starting tonight.

We will see clear skies and warmer daytime temperatures thru the weekend.

Upper 70s and low 80s will dominate coastal valley weather this weekend before change once again sweeps in Monday.

Under the arcing ridge in the sub-polar jet the sub-tropical will sneak in underneath and a mid-level low will start to spin away. It’ll draw up cloud cover, humidity and instability.

Monday we’ll see clouds increase and Tuesday into Wednesday rain showers should begin. We’ll get a little break before more rain is possible to close next week.

The Tuesday-Wednesday rain should be .25-75″ and perhaps as much again Friday (but we’ll have to wait for more definition this far out).

Due to the sub-tropical nature of the air-mass the snow levels will be very high and not help CA mountains that much.

Jan 21st, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 44/70
Atascadero 36/59
CA Valley 41/62
Cambria 44/67
Corbett Canyon 47/72
Cuyama 33/57
Goleta 45/65
Hearst Castle 43/65
Lompoc 41/na
Los Osos 42/70
Morro Bay 50/66
Nipomo 42/68
Orcutt 40/70
Paso Robles 34/57
Pismo Beach 47/66
Pozo 35/62
San Luis Obispo 44/69
San Miguel 37/58
Santa Barbara 53/73
Santa Maria 40/70
Santa Ynez 37/70
Shandon 33/57
Shell Beach 47/66
Solvang 40/72
Templeton 39/61
Vandenberg AFB 41/64

Jan 20th, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 56/76
Atascadero 44/60
CA Valley 36/60
Cambria 53/63
Corbett Canyon 51/73
Cuyama 43/62
Goleta 48/62
Hearst Castle 50/68
Lompoc 48/68
Los Osos 48/68
Morro Bay 53/68
Orcutt 52/69
Paso Robles 48/60
Pismo Beach 55/72
Pozo 43/64
San Luis Obispo 50/70
San Miguel 43/57
Santa Barbara 50/65
Santa Maria 52/69
Santa Ynez 46/66
Shell Beach 55/72
Solvang 49/69
Templeton 45/60
Vandenberg AFB 51/65

Winds turn offshore again

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

A cold front completed a move over the Central Coast today bringing with it a lot of early day cloud cover, Wednesday will be a different day in terms of weather with more clarity to the skies and warmer temperatures.

The primary factor will be northeasterly wind overnight and during the morning hours. Those winds will turn back around in the afternoon out of the NW but temps jump back to the 70s Wednesday.

We’ll see varying amounts of this offshore component into the weekend but generally stronger and weekend temps could near 80 in the coastal valleys, well above average for this time of year (mid 60s is more typical).

Early next week I think the ridge will break down in the upper atmosphere and we could see rain sneak up from the south by the mid portion of the week and a more active pattern is favored in long range outlooks for February.

Jan. 19th, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 53/78
Atascadero 42/67
Cambria 51/64
Corbett Canyon 55/80
Cuyama 40/69
Goleta 48/63
Hearst Castle 55/68
Lompoc 45/75
Los Osos 53/74
Morro Bay 59/73
Nipomo 50/74
Orcutt 42/76
Paso Robles 42/67
Pismo Beach 51/79
San Luis Obispo 48/76
Santa Barbara 48/63
Santa Maria 44/76
Santa Ynez 37/72
Shell Beach 51/79
Solvang 39/75
Templeton 42/67
Vandenberg AFB 45/70