Storm reports so far

Here is a list of automated rain reports since the storm system began to drop rain Tuesday thru 3:05om Thursday:

(These are not official reports and certainly differ from other reports. Cities and towns have multiple reports)

Cambria 4.65″
Rocky Butte 10.40″
Templeton 5.28″
Santa Margarita (town) 5.32″
Santa Margarita (near 101) 7.52″
Morro Bay 5.08″
Los Osos 5.12″
San Luis Obispo 4.33″
Shell Beach 3.46″
Arroyo Grande 2.76″
Nipomo (east) 3.86″
Nipomo (west) 3.47″
Santa Maria 2.14″
Orcutt 2.69″
Van. Village 2.96″
Los Olivos 3.36″
Santa Ynez 2.70″
Isla Vista 2.54″
Goleta Fire Dept. 3.07″
Santa Barbara Flood Control Office 3.49″
Carpinteria 2.96″

Thomas Fire burn scar: a number of stations report 4.3-5.19″

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