January 15, 2009

Forecast Discussion

By: Amber Lee

The warm spell continues on this Thursday but it’s actually going to a little cooler compared to the last few days. The high pressure system is beginning to move eastward but records could be broken still as we are well above the season normal.

Check our these numbers just for a comparison. You will notice that Tuesday was the warmest and then we see a slight cooling take place.

Remember normally we’re in the mid to low 60’s.

San Luis Obispo

Monday – 82

Tuesday – 87

Wednesday – 86

Today’s expected high: 83

Paso Robles

Monday – 70

Tuesday – 78

Wednesday – 77

Today’s expected high: 76

Santa Maria

Monday – 80

Tuesday – 87

Wednesday – 79

Today’s expected high: 80

Santa Barbara –

Monday -77

Tuesday – 79

Wednesday – 84

Today’s expected high: 78

Lompoc –

Monday – 80

Tuesday – 81

Wednesday – 81

Today’s expected high: 78

It’s a beautiful day to go to the beach. Check out these beaches in the area: Santa Barbara’s Diablo Peak, Cayucos Beach Cam, Ventura boat yard, Pismo Coast Village, and Morro Bay Harbor

Extended Outlook

by Chief Meteorologist Dave Hovde

Those are the 3 month graphical outlooks for temperature and precipitation.

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