July 19, 2009

By: Amber Lee


Arroyo Grande80
Avila Beach83
CA Valley107
Corbett Canyon86
Grover Beach73
Los Osos67
Morro Bay59
Paso Robles110
Pismo Beach63
San Luis Obispo93
San Miguel110
Santa Barbara79
Santa Margarita102
Santa Maria77
Santa Ynez101
Shell Beach63
Vandenberg AFB70

Sunday Temps

Another HOT day inland while the coast keeps the cool.

An Excessive Heat Warning remains in effect for both San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties until Monday 8 p.m. We are expecting another day of temps in the mountains to be anywhere from 90 to 110 degrees, or higher. A warning means there will be prolonged periods of dangerously hot temperatures. SO grab a fan, drink plenty of fluids and stay cool!

As this heat wave continues, triple digit heat is expected for many of the inland communities through this upcoming work week. The coast will remain cool with morning fog as a sea breeze keeps it comfortable.

Here is a VIS satellite image from this morning. The marine layer remains confined to the coast with a later afternoon burn-off (for some areas). Yesterday some beach communities were under overcast skies for the entire day. Even though we do have clouds overhead, there is enough warm air in the atmosphere that it kept it toasty. The clouds help insulate the solar radiation.


High clouds are being brought into

July 18, 2009

Friday LA temp
Friday LA temp


Avila Beach76
CA Valley105
Corbett Canyon81
Grover Beach73
Los Osos69
Morro Bay58
Paso Robles109
Pismo Beach61
San Luis Obispo85
San Miguel107
Santa Barbara82
Santa Margarita102
Santa Maria75
Santa Ynez99
Shell Beach62
Vandenberg AFB68

By: Amber Lee

The photo above was taken Friday while I was visiting my parents in Los Angeles. They live

July 17th, 2009

Arroyo Grande 71
Atascadero 102
Avila Beach 76
CA Valley 103
Cambria 60
Cayucos 62
Corbett Canyon 74
Creston 109
Goleta 70
Grover Beach 78
Guadalupe 73
Hearst Castle 87
Lompoc 71
Los Osos 66
Morro Bay 58
Nipomo 74
Paso Robles 108
Pismo Beach 62
Pozo 107
San Luis Obispo 84
San Miguel 107
Santa Barbara 78
Santa Margarita 106
Santa Maria 73
Santa Ynez 93
Shandon 110
Shell Beach 62
Solvang 92
Templeton 103
Vandenberg AFB 66

Forecast Discussion
by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Short and Sweet: little change in the weather. Low clouds at the immediate coast but a low-strong inversion will ensure that cloud deck doesn’t make it far inland. That means the beaches will be in the 60s and low 70s, while coastal valleys will reach the 80s. The interior valleys are simply too far away to see much coastal relief and 100-108 degree daytime highs are on tap again. No real change through the weekend either, if there were some it would be to some slight warming.

In more technical terms:

The 300mb height chart shows a broad 9720meter closed height contour across the SW US. There is little change in the overall upper level ridge through the weekend, early next week a synoptic wave enters the Pacific NW and should allow slightly cooler air to get into some of the coast valleys. In other words about 5-8 degrees of cooling. Extending that analysis out through the end of next week, the ridge rebuilds after the minor buckle and temps look to return to where they are now after the Tue-Wed minor cooling.

July 16th, 2009

Highs Today
by Dave Hovde

Arroyo Grande 73
Atascadero 98
Avila Beach 78
CA Valley 103
Cambria 62
Cayucos 63
Corbett Canyon 80
Creston 106
Cuyama 101
Goleta 69
Grover Beach 71
Guadalupe 71
Lompoc 72
Morro Bay 57
Nipomo 77
Paso Robles 105
Pismo Beach 63
Pozo 103
San Luis Obispo 86
San Miguel 105
Santa Barbara 81
Santa Margarita 106
Santa Maria 74
Santa Ynez 97
Shandon 108
Shell Beach 63
Solvang 95
Templeton 101
Vandenberg AFB 67

July 15, 2009

by Dave Hovde

Arroyo Grande 74
Atascadero 91
Avila Beach 79
CA Valley 99
Cambria 64
Cayucos 63
Corbett Canyon 80
Creston 102
Cuyama 101
Goleta 68
Grover Beach 72
Guadalupe 71
Hearst Castle 78
Lompoc 71
Los Osos 66
Morro Bay 58
Nipomo 79
Paso Robles 98
Pismo Beach 63
Pozo 99
San Luis Obispo 86
San Miguel 100
Santa Barbara 68
Santa Margarita 99
Santa Maria 75
Santa Ynez 95
Shandon 102
Shell Beach 62
Solvang 94
Templeton 93
Vandenberg AFB 67

By: Amber Lee

Warm, dry, and sunny weather on this hump day. Conditions are expected to get even hotter as we head into the weekend (starting Thursday). The ridge of high pressure to the east of the Central Coast will start to intensify for a warming trend by the end of the week.

So how hot will it get? Definitely a beach, flip flops and icy drink type-of-day. I prefer slurpees especially

July 12, 2009

Avila Beach75
CA Valley96
Corbett Canyon80
Grover Beach74
Hearst Castle88
Los Osos66
Morro Bay59
Paso Robles98
Pismo Beach61
San Luis Obispo85
Santa Barbara84
Santa Margarita94
Santa Maria74
Santa Ynez94
Shell Beach62
Vandenberg AFB67
Sunday Coastal fog clearing
Sunday marine layer

July 11, 2009

Saturday running crew
Saturday running crew

By: Amber Lee


Arroyo Grande73
Avila Beach78
Corbett Canyon78
Los Osos66
Morro Bay56
Paso Robles97
Pismo Beach61
San Luis Obispo85
Santa Barbara83
Santa Margarita92
Santa Maria72
Santa Ynez94
Shell Beach60
Vandenberg AFB64

My Saturday running crew started up again today and it was a perfect day to go running. We did 4.6 miles and will progressively go longer as the six of us (featured here) train for the City-to-the-Sea half marathon in the fall. I ran a half last year at Camp Roberts for the Buzz Marathon and I’m hoping to beat my time with this next halfie.

We ran by the coast so it was overcast (great weather to run) with a slow clearing.

It will be another day of unseasonably warm weather inland.

The coast is expected to clear as we head into the afternoon.


Santa Barbara – 74

Pismo Beach – 65

San Luis Obispo – high 70’s


Paso Robles – 97

Santa Ynez – 90

Santa Maria – 72

You will notice that the weekend crew (Danielle Lerner, Ryan Foran and myself) are all here before work. 🙂 Also KSBY’s own Melissa Mecija joining in on the activity.

I highlighted their names because they too have a blog. You can read about Danielle’s experience training for this race while Ryan Foran informs you about the latest gadgets, race routes, etc. I actually really enjoy their blog.

Melissa’s blog gives you all the details behind the scene of whatever story she is working on for the day. Or

July 9th, 2009

Sorry, folks something went wrong with the morning post. It didn’t go online quite right. Part of the morning report was in draft-mode but half of the column was missing. I will issue a new discussion shortly under the heading for the 10th.

by Dave Hovde

Arroyo Grande 77
Atascadero 88
Avila Beach 83
CA Valley 90
Cambria 64
Cayucos 64
Corbett Canyon 80
Creston 96
Cuyama 88
Goleta 71
Grover Beach 79
Guadalupe 71
Lompoc 66
Los Osos 66
Morro Bay 57
Nipomo 68
Orcutt 67
Paso Robles 91
Pismo Beach 65
Pozo 94
San Luis Obispo 78
San Miguel 90
Santa Barbara 75
Santa Margarita 98
Santa Maria 67
Santa Ynez 81
Shandon 94
Shell Beach 65
Solvang 81
Templeton 92
Vandenberg AFB 63