June 19th, 2009

by Dave Hovde

Arroyo Grande 77
Atascadero 92
Avila Beach 80
CA Valley 96
Cambria 66
Cayucos 68
Corbett Canyon 78
Creston 98
Cuyama 95
Goleta 70
Lompoc 71
Los Osos 68
Morro Bay 60
Nipomo 73
Oceano 70
Orcutt 70
Paso Robles 99
Pismo Beach 72
Pozo 98
San Luis Obispo 86
San Miguel 95
Santa Barbara 74
Santa Margarita 100
Santa Maria 73
Santa Ynez 92
Shandon 97
Shell Beach 72
Solvang 89
Templeton 98
Vandenberg AFB 64

Discussion by Dave Hovde

A ridge in the upper atmosphere continues to linger in the near the Central Coast through Friday, then a trough develops for Saturday and Sunday. What this will mean for Friday is warm interior valley temps again with highs near 100 (maybe just missing by a few degrees). The coastal valleys will likely clear quickly enough in the morning from any marine clouds to allow for 80 degree highs before a good afternoon return seabreeze kicks in to cool the late afternoon and evenings. The tougher call is the beach communities, Thursday the clearing was partial or only temporary as a stronger inversion cap has developed. This means beach communities should be in the 60s generally with some scattered 70s where clearing occurs.

The weekend looks cooler across the board with the trough encouraging a deeper marine layer (so cooler air penetrates further into the valleys) and stronger breezes. This will cut the interior valley highs back down into the 80s with 70s in the coastal valleys and 60s at the beaches. Morning clouds are probable with afternoon clearing.

If there is a trend exiting the weekend it should be toawrd some gentle warming with upper level heights increasing.

June 18th, 2009


Arroyo Grande 71
Atascadero 96
Avila Beach 77
CA Valley 89
Cambria 63
Cayucos 65
Corbett Canyon 78
Creston 98
Cuyama 88
Goleta 72
Grover Beach 74
Guadalupe 72
Hearst Castle 81
Lompoc 70
Los Osos 68
Morro Bay 60
Nipomo 79
Orcutt 73
Paso Robles 97
Pismo Beach 64
Pozo 94
San Luis Obispo 81
Santa Barbara 77
Santa Margarita 97
Santa Maria 73
Santa Ynez 89
Shandon 93
Shell Beach 64
Solvang 89
Templeton 94

June 16, 2009

by Dave Hovde

Arroyo Grande 72
Atascadero 78
Avila Beach 82
CA Valley 81
Cambria 67
Cayucos 68
Corbett Canyon 76
Creston 87
Cuyama 80
Goleta 72
Grover Beach 74
Guadalupe 67
Lompoc 69
Los Osos 69
Morro Bay 64
Nipomo 72
Oceano 69
Orcutt 71
Paso Robles 84
Pismo Beach 62
Pozo 87
San Luis Obispo 80
San Miguel 88
Santa Barbara 74
Santa Margarita 88
Santa Maria 71
Santa Ynez 80
Shandon 85
Shell Beach 62
Solvang 81
Templeton 82
Vandenberg AFB 65

By: Amber Lee



Here is an infared satellite image from late Monday night. It shows the upper level low pressure system spinning just north of the Central Coast. This very same system squeezed out a few sprinkles or light showers to the area Monday. This low is now moving east.

The forecast today will remain gloomy and overcast as more mid-level clouds spill in with another chance of showers. Today’s temps will be similar to yesterday’s with beaches in the mid 60’s and inland areas in the 70’s.


Wait until Wednesday gets here! Temps will up and we’re expecting 90 degree weather for some inland areas. I know, hard to believe after days and days of June gloom, right? Well it’s coming!!! 🙂

Here is a 850mb computer model to show you. Just in time too as summer is expected to finally arrive on Sunday! 🙂


June 13th and 14th

By Dave Hovde


Arroyo Grande74
Corbett Canyon77
Grover Beach73
Hearst Castle68
Los Osos72
Morro Bay64
Paso Robles78
Pismo Beach66
San Luis Obispo77
Santa Barbara77
Santa Margarita72
Santa Maria71
Santa Ynez79
Shell Beach66
Vandenberg AFB68

Saturday was interesting. Friday we were talking about scattered showers and drizzle around the area in the on-air forecast. When we get this far out of season on forecast elements like this I will talk about them but generally couch my enthusiasm. What is interesting is that the forecast materialized as expected. I happened to be in Paso Robles much of Saturday, actually at the Ravine Waterpark. It was lightly raining, just a few drops to be honest, but the folks at the park were telling me they are getting off to a slow start because there have been too many cool days (and in the Paso-way 70s qualify as cool). Saturday afternoon cleared but got breezy, definitely not typical weather.

Sunday we are more clear as the the day starts, this is because a trough axis passed over us and is exiting…however there is enough instability around that afternoon heating could destabilize the atmosphere enough for clouds and some mtn. showers and storms but the chances are low and coverage should be isolated.

Monday and Tuesday are interesting in that computer models spin up a cut-off low off the coast. This will keep clouds in the forecast, temperatures cool, and even bring us 20% chances of showers.

June 11, 2009

by Dave Hovde

Arroyo Grande 60
Atascadero 73
Avila Beach 76
CA Valley 78
Cambria 65
Corbett Canyon 74
Creston 78
Cuyama 78
Goleta 71
Grover Beach 71
Hearst Castle 66
Lompoc 67
Los Osos 69
Morro Bay 61
Nipomo 69
Orcutt 68
Paso Robles 80
Pismo Beach 62
Pozo 84
San Luis Obispo 77
Santa Barbara 71
Santa Margarita 78
Santa Maria 69
Santa Ynez 77
Shandon 83
Shell Beach 63
Solvang 77
Templeton 70

By: Amber Lee


Today’s satellite shows a lot of clouds hugging the coast for northern San Luis Obispo county. However, this is not the case. It is clear and sunny here along the coast this morning and with mild conditions expected for the rest of the day. The satellite is picking up high clouds but nothing in the form of marine layer.

It’ll be slightly

June 10th, 2009


Arroyo Grande 72
Atascadero 67
Avila Beach 74
CA Valley 74
Cambria 67
Cayucos 67
Corbett Canyon 68
Creston 71
Cuyama 77
Goleta 71
Grover Beach 73
Lompoc 72
Los Osos 71
Morro Bay 63
Nipomo 69
Oceano 68
Orcutt 67
Paso Robles 74
Pismo Beach 59
Pozo 80
San Luis Obispo 75
San Miguel 80
Santa Barbara 74
Santa Margarita 76
Santa Maria 68
Santa Ynez 74
Shandon 76
Shell Beach 59
Solvang 76
Templeton 75
Vandenberg AFB 64

June 9th, 2009

by Dave Hovde

Arroyo Grande 71
Atascadero 66
Avila Beach 70
CA Valley 74
Cambria 63
Corbett Canyon 67
Creston 73
Cuyama 79
Goleta 69
Grover Beach 71
Guadalupe 64
Hearst Castle 62
Lompoc 67
Los Osos 69
Morro Bay 61
Nipomo 66
Oceano 66
Orcutt 66
Paso Robles 73
Pismo Beach 63
Pozo 79
San Luis Obispo 73
San Miguel 80
Santa Barbara 64
Santa Margarita 79
Santa Maria 67
Santa Ynez 77
Shandon 76
Shell Beach 62
Solvang 76
Templeton 72
Vandenberg AFB 64

Forecast Discussion
by Dave Hovde

High pressure is parked over the Eastern Pacific with warm weather off to our east. This sets up a fairly common June pattern for the Central Coast. Onshore winds will prevail (breezy at times in the afternoon) with areas of night thru morning low clouds and clouds clearing back to the beaches in the afternoon.

The marine layer looks to firm up a bit and become more stubborn over the next few days which will drive temperatures down a bit. I think the coastal valleys will clear in the afternoons but the immediate beach communities could see lingering clouds or only partial or temporary clearing. The interior valleys will warm a bit over the course of the week, back into the lower 80s. Otherwise, beaches in the 60s and coastal valleys in the 70s.

More later today.